Availability settings allow you control what days and times your profile is shown in search results. By taking advantage of these settings you can greatly improve your acceptance rate, as your company can only be booked on dates that you are available.

Why Use Availability Settings

One of the most frustrating experiences for MovingLabor.com users is contacting a mover who is shown as available in results, only to discover that they are actually booked. Maintaining accurate availability rules is the best way to make sure you only receive requests that you can accept, and it's one of the most important keys to success on MovingLabor.com! That’s because a high acceptamce rate improves your chances of getting more requests in the future.

 View your availability calendar in an external calendar by using your calendar feed.

Basic Availability

Your basic availability settings are static rules that are always applied under certain conditions and cannot be customized. Here you can set whether you are available or unavailable for Saturday's, Sunday's, Next Day Moves and Same Day Moves.

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Advanced Availability

The advanced settings allow you to block a specific date or range of dates. Unlike basic settings, you have much greater control and can dynamically block the dates that you choose.

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