At this time your basic availability settings are the only configurations that will filter your company from results based on availability. Although not foolproof, we do have a workaround that will help reduce the number of booking requests received for dates that you are unavailable.


Customer Support can see details that public users cannot. This includes information about blocked/unavailable days that you've notified us about. While this process will not prevent your company from displaying in results, it does allow Customer Support to know when you are unavailable. This allows them to recommend other companies when they are assisting a customer by phone.

Notifying Us

You can notify us about dates/times you want to block by submitting our form. The form link is in your Availability settings.

  1. Login to your vendor account
  2. Select My Locations from the main menu
  3. Click the Availability tab

We know that being able to block dates and set custom availability is important to you. Rest assured this functionality is a top priority for our development team and we will notify you when it becomes available.