In most cases you will collect payment for the balance due directly from the customer. You must allow every customer the option to pay by cash or credit card. You may, at your discretion, accept a check for payment.

Credit Card Acceptance

Credit card acceptance includes Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. If you do not accept credit cards directly, or if you do not accept all of the credit cards listed, you must allow to process the transaction on your behalf, in conjunction with our Credit Card Acceptance Policy (below).

 Vendor DOES Accept Credit Cards

  • Process the final bill however you normally process credit cards
  • Do NOT charge a credit card percentage fee, it is a violation of this Agreement
    (Example: 3% surcharge to cover processing costs)

 Vendor Does NOT Accept Credit Cards

  • Accept credit card payment at the completion of the move via the written authorization provided on the work order
  • The written authorization must be clearly legible and both signature lines must be signed by the customer
  • The completed work order must be submitted to for processing within (3) three business days
  • Payment will be remitted to you by direct deposit or check
  • Abide by our Data Privacy & Security policy

 Refer to the Supplier Agreement for additional billing policies.