A completed work order will verify that services have been performed and, if needed, provide the necessary authorization to charge the customers credit card for the balance due. For the work order to be effective, however, it must be completed in its entirety. A successfully completed work order will have the following:

Pre-Move Waivers

On the right side of the work order you will find waivers which reduce or release you from liability in specific situations. The movers should review each applicable waiver with the customer and have them initial each one. This must be done before moving any items.

Waiver Write-In's: Directly under the pre-move waivers is an empty section that allows you to write-in whatever you'd like. This could be an additional waiver or release, information about damages, etc.

Billable Time

Titled "Movers Timesheet", you will enter the start and end times of each mover. The total column will show the number of billable hours.

Balance Due

This table will already include rate and fee data associated with the original booking request. At the end of the move it is your job to fill in the totals for each line item, such as additional hours that need to be billed. You may also need to add or update fees/charges for equipment, materials, etc.

Once all of the line items have been filled in you will add all of the charges (the individual line items) and input this amount in the Total Amount Due box.


If you accept both cash and credit card then you can collect payment directly from the customer. If you don't accept credit cards directly, and the customer would like to pay by credit card, then you will need MovingLabor.com to process the payment for you.

All vendors must be able to accept a credit card payment for the balance due beginning on January 1st, 2019. (Learn More)

I Am Collecting Payment Directly

  1. Accept payment for the balance due however you normally take payments
  2. Have the customer sign the customer signature line to complete the move
  3. Submit a copy of the completed work order to MovingLabor.com

I Need MovingLabor.com to Process the Credit Card

For more information about this process refer to Collecting Payment.

  1. Complete all of the credit card fields on the work order. This includes the CCV number and expiration date
  2. Make sure the information is clearly written and accurate. To ensure accuracy, verify the information on the physical card matches what was inputted on the work order
  3. Make sure the customer signs both signature lines. This includes the customer signature and the cardholder signature box
  4. Submit a copy of the completed work order to MovingLabor.com within three days

 Refer to the Supplier Agreement for additional billing policies.