Our number one priority is the safety of our users. Therefore, applicants that do not meet the minimum requirements are required to complete and pass a background check to be considered for approval.

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Is a Background Check Required?

A background check is only required for vendor applicants that do not meet the minimum requirements (as shown on List A and B) and wish to be considered for approval by taking this step.

Keep in mind that existing suppliers as well as new vendor applicants can still complete a background check. A supplier with an approved background check credential will display an icon/badge on their profile to showcase the additional level of trust and professionalism.

Databases We Search

The various types of checks must be completed to satisfy the requirement. Results for criminal checks will only show convictions.

  1. Sex offender
  2. Global watchlist (terrorism)
  3. National criminal database (includes felony and misdemeanor)
  4. Address history
  5. SSN verification
  6. County criminal check (Only their current county is required)

Who is Checked

It is not realistic to require a background check from every person employed by the company. Therefore, for a small company, our requirement applies specifically to the primary business owner. Often times this individual is also on the majority of moves and handles the screening, hiring and employment of the movers.

For larger companies, such as a van-line, we require a completed background check from the person(s) that manage staffing and dispatch.

 Residents of Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota and Vermont

Laws in these states do not allow you to obtain a background check for the purpose of vendor verification, and you are not eligible to obtain a background check through our link. However, for residents of these states only, we will accept background check results that you obtained directly from backgroundchecks.com (do not use our program link) or a different source if the following criteria is met:

  1. The background check was completed within the past two months
  2. The results include all of the "Types of Checks Required" shown below
  3. The results are forwarded to us directly from the background check company or the company that requested the initial check. We will not accept results from an uncontrolled source (e.g. you can not send them to us directly)

Where to Get a Background Check

We have partnered with backgroundchecks.com to provide an affordable and trusted solution. Backgroundchecks.com will complete all of the check types we require at a cost of $23.00 plus county fees.

The fee assessed by each county varies. View the current fee list for your county. If your county is not listed then no fee is charged.

Begin Background Check

Delivery of Results

ML will be alerted by backgroundchecks.com once your report has been completed. We will retrieve the results directly, you do not need to submit them to us.

Results: Pass vs Fail

Simply completing a background check does not satisfy the requirement; the results must also pass. Unless listed as an ‘Immediate Disqualification’ below a criminal conviction does not immediately disqualify you. When reviewing the results of a background check we consider many factors, including but not limited to, the nature of the crime and when it occurred. We reserve the right to make modifications to this list without notice.

  1. Any crime that is sexual in nature, including but not limited to, rape, any type of sexual misconduct, stalking, pedophilia, crimes against children, human trafficking and prostitution
  2. Any crime against children
  3. Felony burglary, theft or similar
  4. Misdemeanor burglary, theft or similar if:
    1. More than one conviction OR
    2. Less than 3 years since conviction date
  5. Aggravated Assault
  6. Battery
  7. Any drug related felony
  8. Three or more convictions within the previous 3 years, regardless of the type of crime


All approved background checks will expire two years from the date the check was completed by the background check company. “Completed” is defined by the first date the results of the check were available to the individual, not the date when the initial check request was submitted/started or the date that the results were sent to ML.