If you are moving locally (within the same city or metropolitan area), we can drive your rental truck at no additional charge. However, the following criteria must be met:

 NOTE: We are unable to drive your moving truck for a long distance move.
  1. The customer must purchase the liability and physical damage coverage from the truck rental provider
  2. The mover that is driving the moving truck must be added to the contract as an authorized driver. This means that the moving crew must meet you at the truck rental location
  3. The billable time for your move will begin on arrival at the truck rental location. Billable time will end once the truck has been returned to the rental location

The requirements outlined are necessary to ensure that the rented moving truck is properly insured. If the criteria above is not met then you will be personally liable for damages in the event of an accident. The damage and liability waivers are inexpensive and worth the peace of mind, so please be sure to purchase them.

If you will need a driver for your rented moving truck please notify Customer Support when scheduling your moving services.