The movers can provide both loading and unloading services for international containers. Because international containers have unique circumstances we have specific policies that apply to moving services scheduled for a shipping container.

Live Load Scheduling

In most cases you will have a live load which is a scheduling time restraint. Please read: How do I schedule with a live load?

Heavy Items

Our ability to move heavy items is based on whether or not your shipping company provides a ramp.

A Ramp is Provided

We can load or unload heavy items with the required number of movers.

A Ramp is NOT Provided

We are unable to load or unload any items that exceed 200 pounds, regardless of the number of movers scheduled.

Is A Ramp Required?

We highly recommend that you rent a ramp for your international container. However, a ramp is not required if you do not have any heavy items that weigh 200 pounds or more. Additionally, we will require a minimum of three movers if a ramp is not provided. Remember, the amount of time it will take to load or unload your container will increase greatly without a ramp.

Where Can I Rent A Ramp?

Unfortunately, most international shipping companies will not provide you with a ramp when they deliver your container. This is unfortunate considering the container will be nearly four feet off the ground, greatly increasing the amount of time it will take to load or unload the container. Although it may take some work to find a ramp to rent it can be done:

  • Inquire directly with your shipping company
  • Contact a local equipment rental company in your area. Every area will have different options available, but the three largest equipment rental companies are Sunbelt Rentals, Hertz Equipment Rental and United Rentals
  • Try your local Home Depot. Many locations now offer ramp rental