Yes. Military bases are secure installations and they each have a list of requirements that must be met for visitors to gain access. If your move will require the movers to come on base then you must notify us, during the reservation process, of the following:

  1. That your move is on a military base
  2. Any specific instructions that will help the movers navigate the base. For example, what gate to enter through
  3. Review the entry requirements for your specific base. If your base has any requirements that are unique or unusual we need to be notified

After notifying us that your move is on a military base we make sure that the assigned movers meet these requirements:

  • Have a valid driver's license, passport or identification card
  • Valid vehicle registration and insurance
  • No criminal convictions within the past seven years
 We are unable to accommodate requests that require background checks prior to your move date. You will be required to meet the movers at the gate and escort them onto the base once they have gained access.