This article is intended to answer common questions about completing our online quote request and schedule request.

 Remember, you can always request a quote or make a reservation by contacting Customer Support at (888) 354-8303. Further, if you've submitted a quote request online you are welcome to contact Customer Support to make sure your account is accurate.


Missing or Unknown Information

In most cases simply enter "TBD" or select a generic option, such as "Other". You can provide details about the information that is unknown or missing in the corresponding notes section.

Multiple Answers to a Question

Our forms are built to support the majority of situations and to collect the appropriate information. From time to time, however, there may be a need to choose multiple values when the form only allows for a single selection. This is most common when we ask you to choose a 'Move Method' (e.g. truck rental, storage container) and then the 'Size' (e.g. 10', 16') of that move method.

But what if you have more than one move method? For example, if you have a 26' truck rental and a 16' storage container? Since our forms do not allow multiple selections we ask that you enter additional details in the appropriate notes section. Both forms allow for you to enter additional details before submitting your request.

When to Select "Everything Else" (Quote)

You should select "Everything Else" when no other option describes your situation. Often times this selection is used when moving labor is needed for special events or commercial accounts.

Adding Packing Details

Our innovative quote process will give you the opportunity to add your packing needs to your quote in the situations outlined below. Once you indicate that you need packing help you will be guided through the additional questions necessary to help us understand your packing needs.

Packing & Loading
If you need moving help to pack and load, but not unload, select "Loading Only" from the quote screen. You will be asked about your packing needs as well
Packing, Loading & Unloading
If you need movers to pack, load and unload, for both local and long distance moves, select "Loading & Unloading" from the quote screen
Packing Only
If you need packing help only, select "Packing Only" from the quote screen