The movers may service certain types of pianos, as detailed below.

Electric Piano

Most electric pianos are smaller and weigh less than traditional pianos, therefore we usually do not require 3 Movers to move them. However, if the electric piano exceeds 250 pounds or must be moved up/down multiple flights of stairs, then our 'standard upright piano' policy would apply.

Standard Upright Piano

Although heavy, a standard upright piano generally does not weigh more than 300 pounds and will not exceed 43" in height. For these pianos we require a minimum of 3 Movers and will usually allow up to three entry steps. If more than three stairs are involved we require a minimum of 4 Movers.

 A standard upright piano may also be referred to as a "spinet" or "console" piano.

Oversized Upright Piano

Larger versions of the standard upright piano, an oversized upright piano can weigh up to 700 pounds and will range from 44" to 68" in height. We require a minimum of 4 Movers for ground floor movement. Depending on the height and weight of your piano we may be able to move it up or down stairs, but will usually require additional movers.

Baby Grand and Grand Pianos

We do not currently move baby grand or grand pianos. We recommend that you hire a piano moving company that specializes in baby grand and grand piano movement.