Standard Cancellation

A $50.00 (per reservation) cancellation fee will be charged in the event that you need to cancel your reservation. The cancellation fee applies to all canceled reservations, regardless of how much advanced notice you provide. Any cancellation request received less than 24 hours prior to your scheduled service is subject to a $150.00 (per reservation) No Show Fee, in addition to the $50.00 cancellation fee. The cancellation fee will be subtracted from your original deposit amount and the remaining balance, if any, will be refunded to your credit card.

 If you need to postpone or reschedule your current moving date refer to Modify or Reschedule.

How To Cancel

You can submit a cancellation request by calling (888) 354-8303 or by emailing Please be sure to include your confirmation number as this will be necessary to process your request.

Reservation Abandonment

Reservation abandonment occurs when the movers are unable to provide services despite being dispatched or having already arrived at the designated address provided by the customer. Examples of this could include:

  1. The customer is not at the designated location or is not prepared for services to be provided
  2. The movers are unable to reach the customer using the contact information provided by the customer, or the customer fails to respond to contact attempts
  3. No truck or transportation method is available on site for the movers to service. This includes late or delayed delivery of portable storage containers, international containers and freight trailers. This also includes situations where a rented moving truck has become unavailable or has broken down

Any of the above will result in a scheduled service having to be abandoned and will thus incur a $150.00 ‘No Show Fee’ in addition to the $50.00 cancellation fee.