Our platform transitioned to SPP on 4/12/2018

What is SPP?

SPP is our acronym for Supplier Provided Pricing. This means that we will be using your prices instead of our standard rate model. But it's not just pricing, it is much more. SPP is our transition to an online marketplace, giving you more options and control.

What's Changing

 Your Rates

Prospective customers will see your real time pricing.

 Mover Selection

Customers will choose their mover from real time results. Your profile, credentials and rates will display in search results along with other movers.

 Have A Conversation

Prospective customers will be able to message you directly to ask questions about your service, check availability, etc. This gives you added flexibility to work out details before a booking request is submitted.

 Your Rules

We'll only show your profile in a search when your rules allow. Don't move on Sunday? You won't show for Sunday requests. Don't move pianos? You won't display if a piano needs to be moved. You do move gun safes with a fee? You will display and your rates will update to include your fee.

 Flexible Options

Have you ever received a request that you couldn't accept because of your availability? But maybe you could accept it if the start time was an hour later, or if it was for two movers instead of three. Well, now you will be able to request changes to the booking request before you accept or decline.

What's Not changing

A lot of things are changing, it's true. But not everything.

Our Fee

For the time being our fee will be a flat dollar amount, not a percentage of the total. Our fee will vary by the crew size and is added to your rates. Learn more about configuring your mover rates.

Collecting Payment

You will continue to be able to collect payment directly from the customer in conjunction with our existing billing policies.

Move Confirmations

You will continue to receive emails prompting you to confirm upcoming moves.


A PDF work order will be available for every move. We still require that the work order is completed and submitted to us after the move.