Changelog history for the vendor portal.


  1. Customers now have the option to search and book one mover


  1. Moving companies that apply to be listed on can now manage and complete their application online. Once the application has been submitted for review you can monitor the progress of your application from the online portal as well
  2. Performance violations are now fully managed within our software. If a performance violation is added to your account you will be able to see the details from within your portal. In situations where the violation is related to a specific booking request, you will be able to see the information when viewing that request. Depending on the severity of the violation you may also receive email notifications and notifications when you log in to the portal
  3. Live chat has been added to your portal. When Vendor Support is available by live chat you will see an icon in the lower right corner of your screen


  1. Our optimized ranking algorithm, which determines where vendors appear in our results, is now live.
  1. We've updated how we interpret your 'Same Day' availability. A request is considered to be ‘Same Day’ if it is submitted after 10pm the day before the date of service


  1. View your availability calendar in an external calendar using your calendar feed (iCal)
  1. When viewing work order details the page will no longer reload automatically unless the work order information has been changed


  1. You can now specify if you offer a one mover option. NOTE: We're giving vendors early access to allow sufficient time to configure this setting, should you want to offer the one mover option. However, users searching will not be given the option to book one mover until the end of October
  1. Minor improvements to how we determine your acceptance rate. The modification will provide a more accurate score than the previous implementation


  1. When a search originates from your company profile we now automatically push your company to the top of the search results
  1. We've given response rates a friendlier naming convention. You'll now see descriptive text like, or , instead of the literal hours and minutes


  1. When viewing a pending request, you will now see how long the request has been waiting for your response
  2. When viewing a request that you have responded to, you will now see your response rate for that request
  1. The form inputs on the Locations tab have been moved to a more optimal layout with better spacing
  2. The service rule Basic/Standard Tools are now only visible when you have Assembly/Disassembly set to yes
  3. If you have more than one location, you can now add a unique public profile description for each. The public profile description has been moved to your Locations profile


  1. Username can now be changed
  2. When viewing a specific work order, if any data is changed or updated the view will automatically reload
  3. Booking requests that are pending a response now show on your availability calendar, next to the customer name
  1. Password visibility toggle now works after a save event
  2. When changing your zip code in your Account, the city and state now update immediately


  1. In your account settings, you can now toggle the visibility of the password input
  2. We now show an alert at the top of your screen when you have one or more pending booking requests. This alert is visible on all pages
  3. In the work order detail view the customer phone number is now clickable. On most devices, this will copy the phone number to your dialer
  1. In the work order detail view, if the work order has more than one location, you now (correctly) see all details for the second location


Numerous improvements made within the My Locations view.

  1. Performance metrics can now be found on your Locations tab. Metrics shown include your full request history, including the number of accepted, declined and expired. You can also see your performance scores for Acceptance Rate and Response Rate
  2. When a customer has submitted a review you will now see their rating in your work order grid
  3. When a customer has submitted a review you will now find a summary of their rating in the work order detail view. A button is also provided that will allow you to view the entire review and provide a public response
  4. When viewing a specific work order you will now see the additional services you offer (based on your service rules) near the rate details
  1. Work orders can now be found in the My Locations view. If you have multiple locations you will find that the work order grid only shows records that were serviced by the location you are currently viewing
  2. The Reviews menu item has been removed. Customer review information is now shown in the work order detail view
  1. If you have a secondary email address you can now toggle whether that email should also receive system notifications


Improvements to our logic for heavy item service rules, and the crew sizes you offer.

  1. Service Rules: When setting the Minimum Number of Movers option you will only be able to choose a crew size if you offer it (based on your rate settings)
  2. Service Rules: A 6 Mover crew size is now available when setting the Minimum Number of Movers
  3. Rates: If you decide to stop offering a specific crew size, and that crew size is set as the Minimum Number of Movers for any service rule, you will first be required to update those service rules to a crew size that you offer (via an on-screen prompt)


Minor bug fixes and improvements.

  1. The dashboard is now fully responsive
  2. On the login screen, you can now toggle the visibility of the password input
  3. A 'week' view has been added to the availability calendar
  1. New availability calendar events can now be added from a mobile device
  2. Smaller devices can now scroll left and right when the calendar is larger than your screen
  3. When adding or updating your location zip code the city and state values will auto-populate immediately. You no longer have to save your changes first
  4. In the work order detail view, if a move has a firm arrival time we now display that time in the correct format


You can now configure advanced availability settings for your locations. This feature extends the basic availability settings, allowing you to block dates and times, giving you greater control over when you show as available to potential customers.

  1. A new availability calendar will show your pending and accepted requests, as well as days that you have blocked
  2. Interact with the calendar to block your booked or unavailable dates. Dates can be blocked individually or by date range
  3. In addition to blocking dates, you can also block times. A time range can be blocked for a single day, or you can include a time when blocking a date range
  4. Edit or delete existing blocked date records
  5. Using the new availability calendar you can override any basic availability configuration that is set as Available. You can do this by blocking a date that would otherwise show you as available. For example, if you are Available on Sunday's but you blocked a specific Sunday in June, then you would not be shown as available on that Sunday
If you submitted blocked dates using our old process they have been migrated for you. You can find these records in your availability settings.


We've (finally) released the booking request expiration process. This process took longer than expected, but the extra time allowed us to add functionality that we think will benefit both vendors and customers. Learn more about the new response period and how to respond to a booking request.

  1. A process that will automatically remind, extend and expire a pending booking request
  2. A reminder email will be sent if a response has not been received after 12 hours
  3. Conditional logic will determine if a booking request should be extended beyond the initial 24 hours, or if it should be expired
  4. When a request is extended you will be notified by email, and the work order detail will be updated to reflect the new expiration date/time
  5. Expired booking requests will now be shown in 'Expired' status in your request history


Minor change to flat-rate travel fee settings.


Added new mileage ranges for the flat rate setting. Previously, 100 Miles Or More was the only setting for 100+ miles. You now have the ability to configure these additional ranges: 100-150 Miles, 150-200 Miles, and 200-250 Miles.


You will no longer be prompted to save when switching between flat rate and per mile if you do not have any unsaved data.


In this release, we've updated the design, layout, and organization of important data in the PDF work order.

  1. Added space to write-in damages under the corresponding pre-move waiver
  2. A 'Review your movers' notice has been added just above the customer signature area
  1. The positioning of the core sections
  2. Grouped related data together as a single string (e.g. # Movers / # Hours are now shown together)
  3. Moved both job and heavy items notes into the job summary section
  4. Notes now have more space available
  5. We now conditionally hide empty values (e.g. the address2 line is hidden if there isn't one)
  6. Rate breakdown table has a simplified design
  7. Rate line items that have a $0 value will now be shown as $0.00
  8. The customer signature area is now more obvious
  1. For locations that have stair access, we now properly display the floor description (e.g. 2nd floor)


This release incorporates a complete redesign of your public profile. It is your profile that potential customers often see first, and it's an important part of the customer experience and booking process.

 Learn how to find your public profile link
  1. Improved placement and visibility of your company name and rating summary in the header position
  2. Removed the tabbed layout. Your profile is now a full width, a single-page layout that is broken into sections
  3. Improved placement of your company description (about us)
  4. Better visibility of your available services and equipment ( based on your service rules)
  5. Improved styling of the cards that display customer reviews and your active credentials
  6. Redesigned rating and review summary section. We've given more visibility to your rating breakdown, as well as individual customer reviews and your review responses


This release affects the view in My Moves.

  1. Booking requests in Availability status are now shown at the top of results
  2. Booking requests in Availability status are now shown in blue text
  3. Booking requests in Unconfirmed status are now shown in red text

The hyperlink to an individual work order detail is now in the 'Request #' column


This release incorporates improvements to the accept, decline and confirm functions.


During the accept, decline and confirm process the user will be prompted to confirm the action. The selection will not be processed unless the user clicks "Yes" to this prompt.


Once the selection has been confirmed the user will be unable to make another or duplicate, selection. This is a safety designed to prevent processing of the same action more than once.


This release includes an overhaul of the work order detail view, as well as your customer review history.

  1. The entire view is fully responsive
  2. Request # is now shown
  3. 'Back to results' navigation added
  4. Review history records may be shown in different color text
  5. A color legend has been added to define what these colors mean
  1. Better display of accept/decline and confirm functions
  2. Expiration date/time has greater visibility
  3. Expiration date/time no longer shown once the request has been responded to
  4. Move date now shows the day of the week
  5. Arrival window time format normalized (h:mm)
  6. Download Work Order button moved to a more prominent position
  7. All note fields are now positioned with related information (e.g. location notes are now shown with the location details)
  1. Move method details are now displayed conditionally
  2. Access conditions are now displayed conditionally
  3. Alt phone # is now displayed conditionally


This release includes changes to the vendor login screen.


The login form is now fully responsive.


Login inputs are larger with a more intuitive design.


Login validation messages and functions, such as 'forgot password', are more informative and easier to understand.


This release includes long-awaited availability settings. Your company will be included or filtered from results automatically based on your availability settings beginning with the release of SPP. You can find the availability settings in your portal by navigating to the Availability tab in your location profile.


Set global rules for your availability on Saturday and Sunday


Set global rules for your same day and next day availability


You will be prompted if you attempt to leave a screen with unsaved information


The 'Saved' notification will now clear completely. This notification previously remained on the screen when a save error occurred, causing confusion


We have completed the development of the first phase of Supplier Provided Pricing (SPP). This long awaiting improvement will eventually replace our standard pricing with your own hourly rates.

The first phase, the ability to add and edit your own rates, is now live in your portal and can be found on your Rates tab, in your location profile.


Set rates for up to 12 movers


A globally configured 'maximum distance' setting


A setting for each crew size to set the maximum acceptable distance for a 2-Hour minimum


The maximum acceptable distance for a 2-Hour minimum setting now allows an "Always Require a 3HR Minimum" selection