Every moving company listed on MovingLabor.com has a public profile. Your public profile is intended to showcase your company to prospective customers , and it's the most influential tool at your disposal. Potential customers are significantly more likely to choose a mover with a professional-looking profile over other moving companies.

Where Is My Profile?

Your profile is most often viewed by potential customers when they are comparing movers on MovingLabor.com. When a customer searches their zip code we will provide them with a list of all the movers that service the area. Each mover is represented with a simplified view of their public profile (as shown in the image below) .

 Find the link to your profile while logged into your vendor account by clicking the View Public Profile link.

What Information is on my Profile?

Your profile gives potential customers insight about your company professionalism and performance on MovingLabor.com. An accurate and descriptive profile is the most effective way to capture the interest of a potential customer.

Company Description

This is your opportunity to tell the public why your company is awesome.  What sets you apart from other moving companies? Why should they choose you?

Services, Equipment & Fees

Based on your services settings, your profile will show what equipment, materials and specialty services you provide, as well as information about applicable fees.


Your active company credentials are summarized in your company overview. A more in depth look can be found on the Credentials tab.


A complete breakdown of all customer reviews received on MovingLabor.com. All reviews, as well as your responses, are visible.

 A unique public profile is created for every location on your account.