Important Notice

Our standard rate model remains in effect until 3/31/2018. We encourage you to configure your rates now, but they will NOT be used by our system until March 31st. Your rates must be set before this date or your company will not appear in booking results.

To begin configuring your hourly rates you should first log in to your supplier account. Then navigate to: My Locations  Rates

 Crew Size

Begin by selecting the crew size you want to configure. The default is 2 Movers but you may configure rates for up to 12 Movers.

 Max Distance for 2-Hour Minimum

This is the maximum distance you are willing to travel to service a 2-Hour Minimum. Anything beyond the number of miles you set will exclude your company from results unless the customer is requesting at least 3 hours of service.

You may configure a unique setting for each crew size. Additionally, you now have an Always Require option, which is essentially the same as 0 Miles.

Example: You've configured this setting as 30 miles and the customer is requesting two hours of service. As long as the customer's location is less than 30 miles from your location you will show in our results. If the customer's location is further than 30 miles you will be excluded from our results.

 Your Rates

For each crew size you can set the total amount you want to charge for the first two hours, and the additional hourly rate that applies after the initial two hours. Don't forget to factor the fee into your rates. You can see how the fee affects the total amount you will collect using the Sample Invoice after you have saved your settings.

Using the amounts shown in the screenshot above, the Sample Invoice reflects how much you would clear for a three hour move. Remember that the Sample Invoice does not factor in a travel fee. That amount would be added to the You Clear amount.