It's safe to assume that most customers will need additional time beyond the minimum hours. Instead of forcing you to decide ahead of time if additional hours are needed, we allot a certain amount of time based on the details you have provided us with. It is important to remember that you are not required to use any additional hours unless you need them, regardless of how much time we allot internally. For example, if you hired our 2 Mover / 3-Hour Minimum service to load a 26' truck we would normally estimate five hours (internally) for a full truck load.

If you do end up needing additional time you will be billed the 'Additional Hourly Rate' listed on both the quote and confirmation emails.

 Peak Season Notice: Although we can typically provide additional hours for most moves, there are times when we are limited to the minimum hours. This typically occurs in the peak moving season (April - September) when each moving crew has a full schedule of moves to complete. You can avoid this issue by providing us with the most accurate information available about your move, including the home type, access conditions and truck/unit size. By providing us with accurate moving details we can recommend an appropriate moving package and schedule the movers accordingly. We strongly encourage all of our customers to consider the package recommendations given by our staff.