We send an email requesting feedback to every customer the day after the move date. If the customer submits a review for your company you will receive an email notification.

 Customer reviews and ratings are visible to the public on your company profile.

Your Reviews

After logging in to your vendor account navigate to your Work Orders tab. If a customer has submitted a review for a specific work order you will see their rating in the right column. Click the link to see all of the review details.

You can also link to the review details when viewing the work order detail.

Responding to a Review

From the review detail screen you can add a custom response to the review. Your response is visible to the public and shown on your profile.

If you choose to add a response you have 30 days to do so. After submitting your response you will be able to edit it for seven days, after seven days the response is locked.

The image below shows what a review response looks like on your public profile.

Your Customer Rating

Customer ratings are part of your overall performance score. You can view your current rating, along with your other performance scores, in your Locations tab.