Reviews are vital to winning over prospective customers, and every new booking is an opportunity to get another review. We'll send you an email notification every time a new review is submitted.

View Your Reviews

There are a number of ways to find and view your customer reviews:

  • Dashboard: Reviews received within the last seven days are shown in your New Reviews feed
  • Reviews: View all of your customer reviews from your Reviews page
  • Work Orders: When a work order has a customer review it will be shown here as well

Responding to reviews

When you respond to your reviews, both positive and negative, you show that you care about your customers. Your response can also turn a negative review into something positive, and even attract new customers, when you respond in a professional way.

You can respond a review within 30 days of when the review was written. And you can edit a review response for up to 7 days after you submit it.

 Your review responses are visible to the public and shown on your public profile.

How to respond to a review

Open the review that you want to respond to. You can do this by clicking the link in the email notification we sent, or from one of the pages mentioned above. You can then enter your response in the text area provided, and click save to publish it.

We'll continue to show the response text area for 7 days after you publish your response. If you need to edit the response, simply update the text and click save again. This will publish your edited response.

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