You can view the status of your existing credentials and add or update new ones within the Supplier Portal. Once logged in navigate to: My Locations  Credentials.

 For more ways to submit credentials refer to How do I submit credentials?

As shown in the image below, you can filter results by category (#1) or view a list of all credentials (#2). When you view the full credential list you will also be able to see the status of that credential by the text color.

Adding a New Credential

Select a Credential

Start by selecting the credential type you want to add.

Add Details

Enter the required information, which can usually be found on the credential itself. You will also be required to upload a copy of the credential for verification.

Save & Submit

Once you've entered the required information simply click save. This will update the status to pending and the credential will be added to our queue for official review.

Updating an Existing Credential

You can update an existing credential, regardless of the current status, simply by making a change to the existing information. When the changes are saved the status will update to pending and go through the normal review process.

The image below shows an existing credential that has expired.

The Review Process

We review every submitted credential for accuracy and authenticity. When a new or update credential is submitted to us it will be added to our queue for staff review. You will receive an email notification once it has been approved or rejected.

If the credential is rejected we will inform you of the reason why. Once the issue has been resolved you can resubmit the credential the same way you would update an existing one.