When you first login to your vendor account on MovingLabor.com you may become a little overwhelmed; and that's okay! Our goal is to help you understand the features and functionality of your vendor profile so you can start receiving move requests as fast as possible.

  1. Update your password to something you will remember
  2. Configure your location settings (detailed below)
  3. Optimize how you appear in search results
  4. Schedule your orientation so we can introduce you to your account and answer your questions

Location Settings

The most important settings are those that tell us your hourly rates, how to calculate your travel charge, what services you do/do not provide, rules for heavy items and a whole lot more. Locate these settings by selecting Settings. If you have multiple locations, you'll be able to switch between locations using the drop down menu. 

 Your company will not be available for new move requests until you have configured these settings.

Location Profile

Your initial view will show your core location information. The information shown here is important because it specifies who we should contact and your physical location - which is used to determine your proximity to potential customers.

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Hourly Rates

You can set rates for the different crew sizes you offer.

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Travel Charge

Configure your travel fee and surcharge settings so we can accurately calculate the travel charge required for customers in your service area.

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Service Rules

Configure your service rules to tell us:

  • What heavy items you are willing to move and associated fees
  • What equipment you provide and if you have a fee to do so
  • If you provide specialty services like connecting appliances, furniture assembly, and packing

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Show prospective customers why they should select you as their mover. Add and update company credentials like business licenses, insurance, background checks, and more. Remember, your approved credentials are listed on your public profile. Most customers will choose a mover that has professional credentials.

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Your availability settings will allow you to specify if you are willing to accept moves with short notice or on weekends. You can also block dates and times when you are unavailable.

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Hours of Operation and Arrival Windows

The hours of operation (HOO) settings will allow you to set specific availability per day of the week. This will give you extra control over what times your company is able to be booked.

The arrival window (AW) settings will allow you to set your preferred arrival window duration that you want to offer between FIRM start times or 1-4 hour arrival windows.

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