If you're a new vendor on MovingLabor.com, or an existing vendor that has seen a reduction in booking requests, you should be taking steps to optimize how you appear in our results.

Assess The Competition

Your first step should be to see how you compare to your competition. How do you rank? Try sorting the results by the different options to see how your rank is affected.

 Is your profile being filtered because of incorrect settings? Learn more: Filtering of My Profile in Search Results 

Identify Ways to Improve Your Profile

It shouldn't be too difficult to determine what your competition is doing to get more requests. The most common factors are:


Is your pricing in line with the other companies in the area? Price and value are the most important factors when choosing what mover to hire, so you want to make sure you are competitive. Learn more: Your Price in Search Results (Rate Calculation).


Most customers want to hire a professional mover and your credentials go a long way in showcasing that professionalism. Does your profile reflect all of your credentials? If not, you should add them immediately.

Services & Equipment

Do you offer specialty services or equipment? If so, is this reflected on your profile? If not, you should update your service rules right away.

Reviews Go A Long Way

When a customer searches their zip code we initially sort by quality rating, which is determined by an algorithm. There are many factors considered by this algorithm and it should be no secret that the number of reviews and your overall rating have a big impact.

Whether you're a new vendor with minimal reviews or an existing vendor that wants to increase their overall rating, getting more reviews will be beneficial to how you appear in search results. Some ways to accomplish this include:

  • Encourage customers that contact you directly to book you through MovingLabor.com by giving them your profile link. Just be sure that they leave a review when the move is complete
  • We ask every customer to leave a review after their move but not everyone does. Increase the likelihood of your customer submitting a review by reminding them to do so

Make A Short Term Change

If you've compared your company to the competition and believe that your profile is not the issue, then it's time to look at other options. A good example of this would be a newly listed mover that doesn't have any reviews. Reviews go a long way in winning over a customer, and it can be hard to stand out against the competition without any. The best way to get noticed is to reduce your rates in the short term. Having a lower rate than your competition, even without any reviews, is likely to get you noticed. Once you have those hard-won reviews you can change back to your normal rates.