The ability for your mover to provide service on a military base depends on the installation's visitor policies. Bases not only differ from branch of service, they can also be different from within the same service. Simply put, the installation's visitor policies depend on activities conducted at the installation.

Visitor Requirements

Your first step should be to obtain the visitor requirements for your base by contacting the Visitors Center. In most cases the requirements will fall into one of the scenarios below.

Sponsored Access

You will be required to meet the movers at the gate and escort them onto the base once they have gained access.

Visitor Pass

If your base does not allow sponsored access the movers will be required to obtain a visitor pass. This process will involve a background check of each mover. Depending on the base and their policies this process can be relatively quick (an hour or less) or several hours.

When a visitor pass is required the billable time will begin at the Visitors Center. We are unable to accommodate requests that require background checks prior to your move date.

Scheduling Requirements

While moving on a military base has its obstacles they can easily be overcome when both parties satisfy their obligations.

Customer Obligation

  1. Contact the mover and inform them that your home is located on a military base, as well as the specifics of the visitor policies before completing the booking process. Only after the mover has confirmed that the requirements can be met should you submit a booking request
  2. Provide detailed instructions for the movers (e.g. must arrive at the south gate)

Mover Obligation

  1. Have a valid driver's license, passport or identification card
  2. Vehicle has a valid (and current) registration and insurance
  3. No criminal convictions within the past seven years