There are a number of reasons why a vendor application may be denied; the specific reason that your application was denied is shown in the email you received from us. This article will provide you with an explanation of each possible reason for denial.

 We will not discuss details about how we reached our decision.


Ensuring that your company has a professional reputation is important. Based on our research we do not believe that the applicant company has a positive reputation, or, there is insufficient data to make any determination regarding reputation. Reputation can be determined in a variety of ways: customer reviews, BBB, references, trusted third-party websites (Angie's List), etc.

Insufficient Expertise

Company does not demonstrate sufficient expertise, knowledge or experience in moving labor. For example, transportation and trucking companies would typically be deemed incompatible with our business model because moving labor is not a core component of the services normally provided.

Conflict of Interest

There is a clear conflict of interest between the applicant company and The most common reasons include: We have evidence to support that the applicant company is owned, managed, affiliated, related to, or otherwise operated by an individual(s) that is not in good standing with; The applicant company has infringed on our copyrights or trademarks; The applicant company is considered a competitor.


The applicant company is not a good fit for our company culture, brand and/or identity.'s brand identity and reputation is based on honesty, integrity, fast and reliable communication, customer satisfaction and reliability of service. A company that does not possess these characteristics is inconsistent with what our customers expect.

Failure to Meet Qualifications

The applicant company did not provide sufficient evidence to verify their qualifications and competency.