An arrival window is the time frame in which the movers are scheduled to arrive at the customer's location. In most cases we will attempt to schedule a two hour arrival window, as this allows flexibility for traffic, weather, delays caused by other moves, etc.

 Arrival Window is often abbreviated as AW.

It's important to be aware that not all moves will be scheduled with a two hour AW. Other possibilities included a firm start time, reduced AW or a wide AW. Learn more about each below.

  • Firm Time: An exact start time. Often necessary for moves with a reserved elevator, live load/unload or other time restriction. For example, 9:00am FIRM would require the movers to start (and be on site) at 9:00am
  • Reduced AW: Typically a one hour arrival window. For example, a 9am-10am AW
  • Wide AW: Any arrival window that is greater than our default of two hours. This may be necessary during peak season when you cannot commit to a two hour AW. A wide AW can be up to six hours. For example, 12pm-6pm AW
Before responding to a PBA request or accepting an available work order you should pay close attention to the scheduled AW to make sure you have the required availability.