An arrival window is a block of time in which the movers may arrive. The various scheduling options for arrival time are detailed below.

When submitting a booking request you will only be able to select a two-hour window. If you need a more specific time you should include those details in the request as notes. You should also contact the mover directly to discuss your time requirements as soon as the request has been submitted.

The Importance of Arrival Windows

Think of the movers as an airplane (or airline). Every day they encounter countless opportunities to delay their schedule - weather, traffic, unprepared customers, etc. Once a delay occurs it generally ripples through the schedule and ultimately will impact the entire schedule. By scheduling an arrival window the movers are able to provide a reasonable expectation of their arrival time, even if minor delays occur.

Arrival Window

Arrival windows are commonly two-hour blocks but could be up to six hours. For example, an 8am-10am arrival window means that the movers can arrive anytime between 8am and 10am.

Reduced Arrival Window

Typically an arrival window of one hour. This is most common when the move has time restrictions, such as a reserved elevator or live load.

Firm Time

A firm time is an exact start time. Typically only available for special situations.