This article is not about insurance which covers damage to your belongings or liability insurance requirements. For information about these topics please refer to: License & Insurance

If you're moving to/from a high rise building your property might require your mover to provide a certificate of insurance before moving day. This is typically referred to as a COI request.

When a property has a COI requirement it almost always means that the COI must also have an additional insured statement. The majority of moving companies can easily provide a COI, but not all can accommodate a COI with additional insured.

If your property DOES require a COI with additional insured then you will want to follow these steps:

Step 1: Hire a Mover That Offers a COI with Additional Insured

As stated above, not all movers can provide a COI with additional insured. Those that do offer additional insured will have this information visible on their profile if you click "View Profile". You should only hire a mover that can accommodate this requirement.

If you are located in NYC, Miami, or Chicago metro areas, companies are able to be filtered in results using our additional filters. Image Placeholder

In the image below you can see that Additional Insured is listed. This designates that the mover can provide a COI with additional insured.

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Step 2: COI Request

Buildings that require a COI will have a sample document which outlines what they require. This document includes the exact wording for the 'Additional Insured' area as well as the name and contact information of the primary building contact. A COI request cannot be processed without this information. COI requests should be sent directly to the mover you have hired. Contact information for your mover can be found in your request summary.

Be sure to verify the details on the sample COI before submitting it to the mover. Any changes requested after the COI has been issued are subject to additional fees.

Step 3: Sufficient Notice

COI requests must be processed by the insurance company before being sent to your building, this process can take time. To ensure there is enough time to accommodate your request before your move date, we recommend a minimum of five (5) business days notice. If sufficient notice cannot be provided, your mover will make every attempt to complete the request but cannot guarantee that your building will receive the COI before your move date.

Step 4: Cost

In most cases there will be a fee for each 'Additional Insured' that has to be added to the policy. To determine if your mover requires an additional insured fee simply hover over the icon on their profile and the fee amount will be displayed.

Keep in mind that, if a fee is required, it will not be included in the price you see on our website and will be collected by the mover directly.

If you need assistance with choosing a mover that can provide a COI with additional insured please contact Customer Support at (888) 354-8303.