In most cases, an expense incurred by the movers to park at your location is considered ordinary and included in your travel fee. There are situations, however, where the movers must incur an unusually high expense to park their vehicle at your service location. In these situations it is the customer's responsibility to provide the movers with a reserved/designated parking space or reimburse the movers for the incurred parking expense.

Applicable Situations

  1. Downtown City Parking: Available parking is primarily paid, and the cost to park a vehicle will exceed $20. The most notable example of this situation is New York City/Manhattan and Brooklyn
  2. Special Event Parking: Your service location is in close proximity to a major venue or special event which results in extreme parking restrictions and increased parking rates. Example: Service location is close to a sporting venue and your move will take place during an event. Street parking is restricted or closed and the rate to park is several times higher than normal

Customer Obligation

  1. Provide Designated Parking: The customer may choose to provide a lawful, designated parking spot for the movers in lieu of paying for parking
  2. Expense Reimbursement: If the customer is unable to provide a designated parking spot they may choose to cover the incurred parking expense, up to a maximum amount of $40

Mover Obligation

  1. Determine if the service location meets the eligibility requirements
  2. Contact the customer no less than 24 hours prior to the move date to discuss the parking situation. If the customer is unable to provide a designated parking space inform the customer of the expected cost of parking at the location. Reminder: The maximum amount is $40
  3. At the customer's request provide proof of the expense
  4. Indicate the expense on the work order