If you have an existing reservation that needs to be changed we have a number of options for you.

Modifications (Minor Details)

If you need to modify minor details of your move, and the modifications are not the time or date:

  1. Contact the movers you have reserved to inform them of the modifications
  2. If the modifications include a change to the number of movers or hours, and you've already spoken with your mover, contact Customer Support at (888) 354-8303 so we may update your reservation

Reschedule (Date/Time)

To change the date or time of your reserved move contact the movers you have reserved to inform them of the new date or time that you want to reschedule to. It's important to note that your mover's ability to accommodate reschedules is based on date and time availability, so we recommend providing as much notice as possible. This is very important during peak season.

There are no fees to reschedule provided that you give the movers at least 24 hours notice. Reschedule requests received less than 24 hours prior to your scheduled service are subject to a $150.00 (per reservation) No Show Fee.

Pending Reservations

If your situation has changed, and you are no longer sure of your moving dates or destination, we offer pending status as a no fee alternative to canceling your reservation. Pending reservations are simply removed from the active schedule, allowing them to be rescheduled at a later date. You may keep your reservation in pending status for up to one year. Although you may take advantage of our pending reservation option at no additional charge, you are still required to provide at least 24 hours notice prior to your originally scheduled service, otherwise your reservation is subject to a $150.00 No Show Fee.

Additionally, in an effort to accommodate the uncertainty of the relocation process, we allow the deposit for your pending reservation to be applied to any location that we service. For example, if your moving services were originally scheduled in Richmond, Virginia, but you end up moving to Houston, Texas, your pending reservation deposit can be applied to your new destination.


If you do not wish to reschedule your reservation please see: Cancel My Reservation