Effective communication goes a long way in ensuring customer satisfaction. This is especially true as the move date approaches when communication with your customer should occur more frequently.

Accurate Contact Details: The customer is provided with the contact information in your location profile. Make sure the contact names and phone numbers are always up-to-date!

Within 24 Hours of Booking Acceptance

Take a few moments to introduce yourself and your company shortly after accepting the booking request. This is also a great opportunity to confirm the move details and provide helpful advice.

3-5 Days Prior to the Move Date

Check back in with the customer to make sure nothing has changed and remind them about the date and time they are scheduled for.

The Day Before

  • Confirm the arrival window and, whenever possible, give an expectation of when you will arrive within the window
  • Verify the move details (e.g. service address, truck size, etc)
  • Ask any questions you may have about the service location or assistance with directions
  • Ask for updated information for any details that were unknown or TBD at the time of booking

On Moving Day

  • Provide the customer with an estimated time of arrival () at least 30 minutes prior to your planned arrival. You must contact the customer with this information before the end of their scheduled arrival window
  • Notify the customer immediately if you are delayed and provide an accurate, updated ETA

Communicating With MovingLabor.com

Customer communication is important, but it's also crucial to effectively communicate with MovingLabor.com. We require vendors to notify us of changes (e.g. existing reservations, account changes, etc) and to respond to communication attempts from our staff within 48 hours. Vendors can submit a ticket or call (888) 354-8303 for assistance.