If your original request was declined, expired, or withdrawn we have a quick and easy way to resubmit your request with another company.

You'll want to use the rebooking process because it auto-populates all of your previous request details so that all you'll have to do is choose the new moving company of your choice. 

How It Works Snapshot

Once you click the rebook link you will be redirected to the results for all of the available moving companies that could service you. Once you choose your new movers to submit with:

  • Your move details will automatically populate based on your previous request, but you can modify your details if needed
  • The Credit Card (CC) authorization for the original request will be voided
  • Your original CC information will populate, we only require the security code (CCV) to be entered again. Need to use another CC? You’ll be able to modify that information if needed. 

How to access the Rebooking Process

Below are the 2 ways that you can access the link to rebook: 

Request Summary (Confirmation)

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This is the confirmation page that you see right after you finish submitting your request. You can also access your summary from the Booking Request emails we send you. Using the summary link you can click the link to 'book another mover' from this page, and it will automatically keep your previous request details. 

Emails from MovingLabor.com

The Booking Request Declined, Booking Request Expired, and/or Booking Request Withdrawn emails that we send you will have a button you can click to rebook different movers. 

Step-By-Step Breakdown

As previously mentioned, you are only able to use the Rebooking process if your request has been Declined, has Expired, or is still in Availability status and you would like to withdraw your current request and resubmit with a different vendor. 
If you are withdrawing your request, your original deposit will be VOIDED once you proceed, and you will be able to resubmit a new request per the details below. If your request was Declined or Expired, the original deposit was already VOIDED.
  1. Access the Rebooking Link from your Request Summary or Booking Request Declined, Booking Request Expired, and/or Booking Request Withdrawn emails
  2. Once you click the link, you will automatically be redirected to the results for movers who service your location and should be available for the date of service that you originally requested. Note: If you want to check for a new date of service, you can modify the date once you are redirected to the results
  3. Compare your results, then click 'Book Now' next to your preferred vendor to resubmit a request with. 
  4. All of your previously submitted booking request data will automatically populate, making it easy to just click "Continue" to go to the payment page to finalize the request.
  5. The last section is to resubmit the deposit. You will have the option use the same card previously used and just resubmit the CCV#, or you have the option to enter new card information entirely. 
  6. Once you submit the deposit, you're done! Your new request has successfully been submitted.