Typically, there is not a charge for stairs, however, the number of movers required or the fee associated with moving a heavy item may increase as a result of stairs. These requirements and fees will automatically be calculated and displayed with each mover's profile.

We define a flight of stairs as 4 to 12 stairs. This includes stairs both inside and outside of the home, elsewhere on the property, within the building and so on. The stairs do not have to be consecutive to be counted. Simply put, you should count every step/stair that the movers will need to traverse during the move.

This question is intended to tell us more about the heavy item(s) you selected. Your selection should be based on where the heavy item is going.

Example: You are moving into a 2nd-floor apartment with one flight of stairs and you have an upright piano. If the piano is being moved up the stairs then you would select one flight. However, if the piano was actually being moved into a garage on the ground floor you would select no stairs.