Released on 10/13/2020

Hours of Operation

Your Hours of Operation (HOO) is the foundation on which your availability is built. It will be used to determine your company start and end times for each day of the week, and which days your company is open. This will directly impact what days and times customers are able to submit booking requests with your company, and will be shown publicly on your Quick Profile and your Public Profile.

Your HOO can be found on the Calendar page:
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Setting Up HOO

Check the box for each day of the week that your company is open and set the start and end times per day.

Example 1: You are open Tuesday through Saturday, closed Sunday and Monday. Check off every day of the week EXCEPT Sunday and Monday.
Example 2: Tuesday through Friday you offer services between 8am-6pm, but on Saturdays you offer from 8am-4pm. Set the HOO start time to 8am and end time to 6pm Tues through Fri, and set Saturday 8am-4pm.
 The "timepicker" only gives you 'on the hour' options in the dropdown, but we do accept times in 15/30/45 minute increments. Just enter them manually using the keyboard instead of the timepicker. 
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Arrival Windows

Arrival windows are a block of time the movers are given to arrive at the customer's reservation. You're able to choose your preferred arrival window duration per day, which will be used to determine what is shown to customers during the booking process. Durations range from Firm start times to 1-4 hour arrival windows.

Example: An example of a 2-hour arrival window is 8am-10am, and movers would be able to arrive anytime between those hours
FIRM start times require the movers to arrive at the exact time the customer is requesting, leaving room for issues like being late. Only choose this if you are sure you have enough staffing to accept FIRM start times from all of our customers.

Your arrival windows will update based off your availability for each day. Blocked times will impact what arrival window options are offered. 


You can override your HOO or AW availability using the calendar.

  • Extend your HOO or AW global preferences on specific days or date ranges
  • The default AW can be overridden for same day (SD) and next day (ND) service (when enabled)
  • Block unavailable dates and/or times on specific days or date ranges
 If you need to override your availability with recurring times that cannot be done via HOO then contact Vendor Support.