Our software only allows you to add one name registration for each active location on your account. If you have more than one active name registration this article will explain the steps you should take.

Are They Issued by the Same Jurisdiction?

Let's assume that you have an LLC and a DBA, and both registrations are issued at the state level. Since you cannot add multiple state level name registrations we recommend submitting the one with the longest active term (e.g. whichever one doesn't expire first), In most cases this will be the DBA.

Example: You have an active LLC and DBA in Florida, which are both issued at the state level. Since Florida LLC's expire every year and a Florida DBA is valid for five years, you should submit the DBA.

Issued by Different Jurisdictions

Let's use the above example again, but this time the DBA was issued at the county level. While our software still does not allow for you to submit more than one name registration we can add it internally for you. In this situation simply add one name registration yourself and submit documentation for the other one to us.