You can hire movers for both loading and unloading services of international containers. Because international containers have unique circumstances it is very important that you communicate your needs to your mover.

Live Load Scheduling

In most cases you will have a live load which is a scheduling time restraint. You need to communicate this to your mover when submitting a booking request.

Heavy Items

You should never hire less than three movers for an international container, even without heavy items. If you have heavy items you should hire at least four movers.

Is A Ramp Provided?

Unfortunately, most international shipping companies will not provide you with a ramp when they deliver your container. This is unfortunate considering the container will be nearly four feet off the ground, greatly increasing the amount of time it will take to load or unload the container. Be sure to communicate to your mover if you are providing a ramp or not.

If you want the movers to provide a ramp for you look for  Ramp on the mover profile. Movers that can provide a ramp typically charge a fee to do so, and you can view the fee amount by hovering over the  Ramp icon on their profile.