When you’re ready to hire a mover on MovingLabor.com you will submit a booking request.

To submit a booking request:

  1. To the right of the mover listing that you want to hire click Book Now
  2. Add the details of your move
  3. Review your details to make sure everything is correct
  4. Add your payment information, which will be used for the deposit payment if your request is accepted
  5. Wait for the mover’s response. The mover initially has 24 hours to accept or decline, but most will respond within a few hours. We'll email you when a response is received, or if the response period is extended ( No Email?)
  6. View the details and status of your request online at anytime by visiting your customer summary
We encourage you to contact the movers directly once your booking request has been submitted. This will allow the mover to ask any questions they have and, if necessary, discuss alternate availability if your preferred date/time are not available.

If the mover declines the request or doesn’t respond within the response period, no charge is made and you can try submitting another booking request with another mover.