When you search MovingLabor.com, we will only show you movers available for your move date. This is because moving companies manage their availability through MovingLabor.com, and when a mover is unavailable for your date or time, you won't be able to book them.

There may be times when a mover gets booked up, and they don't immediately update their availability in our system. If a mover declines your request because they are no longer available for your move date or time:

  We Can Help! Customer Support can assist with coordinating alternate availability or locating another mover with your preferred date and time. Call us at (888) 354-8303 or submit a ticket, and we'll get to work!

  • Discuss alternate availability options with the mover directly. If alternate availability is not a possibility, the mover can decline the request, or you can withdraw (cancel) it
  • Once the request has been declined or withdrawn, you can submit another request to the same mover (with a different date or time), or you can select a different mover

Remember: Your credit card will not be charged if your booking request is not accepted.