Images uploaded in your gallery will be visible to the public and potential customers. You should use the gallery to publicly showcase the quality and professionalism of your company. You can do this by adding photos of your movers in action, as well as the quality of work you provide, like an image showing a completed loading job.

Manage Your Images

You are able to add a Logo and Gallery Images per location. You will find the LOGO in your location settings, under About Your Company. The Gallery Images will be found under the Gallery section.

You can add, rotate, delete, and reorder your images in your image gallery.
  • Add Image: Click Upload and then select your image. Your gallery can hold up to 8 images. Important: Make sure your image meets our guidelines
  • Rotate Image: After uploading, click the left or right icons to rotate the image in that direction
  • Delete Image: Simply click the trash icon under the image you wish to delete
  • Reorder Image: Your images will be shown to the public based on how they are ordered in your gallery. The leftmost (or topmost, for mobile users) will be the first image shown. You can reorder your images using the up and down arrows

Where Are My Images Shown?

Once your images have been approved they will be visible to the public on your public profile and in booking results starting in September 2020. Want to see your public profile? Find your public profile URL in your location settings. Click the View Profile link near your company description.