For an image to be approved it must follow these guidelines:

  1. The image file must be .jpg, .png, or .bmp, and no larger than 24MB
  2. All images must be contextual to moving (the movers in action, a loaded truck or POD, etc)
  3. No obscene or inappropriate photos (movers without a shirt on, clothing with potentially offensive wording, etc)
  4. No tobacco, alcohol, drugs, etc
  5. Images should be medium/high resolution (no low resolution or blurry images)
  6. Lighting must be "good" or better. In other words, no photos that have very low lighting
  7. Images should be oriented correctly (after uploading an image you can rotate it before submitting)
  8. No advertisements, flyers, business cards, or contact information
  9. No images that could belong to someone else (images must be "owned" by you)

Remember that approved images will be shown to the public, and you should only upload images that show your company in a professional manner.