After you’ve completed your application,’s vendor team will begin the application review process. In most cases, we will reach a decision within three business days, but this depends greatly on how much information you included in your application.

Want to put a rush on it? Here are some tips for speeding up the application review process:

  1. Provide us with accurate information about your company. This is especially important if your company goes by more than one name or name variations. For example, Moving Pro, Moving Pro, LLC, and My Moving Pro could all refer to the same company. If your company has aliases then you can tell us about them during the application process
  2. Professional credentials, such as a business license or insurance, go a long way in speeding up the review process. Make sure you upload all of your valid credentials during the application process
  3. Your application should include your current contact information so that we can reach you. Be on the lookout for notifications from us, both by phone and email
  4. If you'd like to discuss your application or provide information that wasn't included initially you can edit your information or schedule a Vendor Q&A phone call with our vendor team