After completing your application you will be able to track its progress by signing into your account. The review process typically takes a few days but will vary based on the information you provided.

 You can edit and resubmit your application if you need to make changes.

Once a decision has been reached, or if action is required on your part, you will be notified. Here's a quick reference to our application statuses and what they mean:

  1. Application Received: Your application has been submitted but has not yet been reviewed
  2. Pending: Your application has been reviewed and requires additional information. Check your email or contact Vendor Support for details
  3. Under Review: Your application has been reviewed and is pending a decision. This is the last step in our application process and you can expect an email with our decision shortly
  4. Application Denied: Your application has been reviewed and was denied. An application may be denied for any number of reasons, and the email we send you will include additional details about our decision
  5. Incomplete: If you're seeing this status then you haven't completed your application yet. Your application cannot be reviewed until it has been submitted