Movers listed on have a lot of control over how they appear in results. This includes their ability to work on certain days, how far they are willing to travel, what heavy items they move, and so on. When a mover is shown in results with a RED message "Fully Booked On [Date of Service]" , "Does not move [heavy item]"or similar, it means that one or more of your search parameters conflict with their settings. We've outlined the different criteria for filtered results below:

Criteria for Filtered Results

There are many different reasons why a mover may have been filtered from your search. We've identified each reason below along with methods of resolving them.

Day Of The Week

Some movers do not work Saturday's or Sunday's. Additionally, some movers do not service same day or next day requests. Change the date used in your search to resolve this issue.

Service Not Offered for 'X Movers'

The mover does not currently provide that number of movers. Change the number of movers used in your search to resolve this issue.

Service is Not Offered

You will typically see this message when you have applied a service or equipment filter to your search. For instance, if you have selected Floor Dolly you will see this message if the mover does not provide a floor dolly. Update the search filters used in your search to resolve this issue.

Heavy Items Moving Service Not Offered

The mover does not provide service for one or more of the heavy items you have selected.