When submitting a booking request or viewing your customer summary, you will see a breakdown of "What's Included", "Available Options" and "What's Not Included". This information is based on the mover you selected and their policies.

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What's Included

The basic services and equipment that are included in your total. If a service is listed, such as Disconnect & Reconnect Appliances, then your mover provides that service at no additional cost.

Equipment or services that you added during your initial search but have an additional fee. The required fee is already included in the total shown.

 Hover over any icon to view more information, including the fee amount (when applicable).

Available Options

Equipment or services offered by your mover upon request. There is no fee for these items, but you must contact your mover directly to request them.

Equipment or services offered by your mover for an additional fee. You may request that your mover provide these items for you, and the fee will be added to your balance due.

What's Not Included

Moving Truck or Transportation Services: MovingLabor.com is a labor-only marketplace, which means the movers do not provide a truck or other type of transportation.

Furniture Padding: If you are booking the movers to load your truck or container, we highly recommend that you provide furniture blankets or quilts. The movers will utilize the furniture padding to pad and wrap your furniture to prevent the risk of damage during transit.