Every booking request will have a minimum. This specifies the minimum number of hours that the customer has committed to pay for and that the movers have reserved on their schedule. There is always a minimum time requirement of two or three hours, which is based on the requirements set by each mover.

When submitting a booking request the customer may opt to reserve only the required minimum or increase the minimum to guarantee additional time.

Additional Hours

There are two options for adding time beyond the required minimum hours:

Increase the Minimum Hours at Time of Reservation

When creating a booking request the customer may decide to reserve additional hours beyond the required minimum. This is highly recommended when it is known that the movers will be needed for time in excess of the required minimum. In doing so the movers are guaranteed to provide service for up to the full amount of time that was reserved.

  •  Peace of mind knowing that the movers are scheduled for the increased minimum that was reserved
  •  There are no refunds if the move is completed in less time than what was reserved
Example: The customer wants to hire a mover that has a required minimum of two hours. Using our labor estimating guide the customer is confident the move will take at least six hours. To guarantee that the movers are scheduled and available for at least six hours the booking request is submitted for six hours.

On Moving Day

Requesting additional time on your moving day is not recommended as the movers will typically have other customers already scheduled. This is especially true during the peak moving season when availability is extremely limited. If the movers are available to stay for the additional time it will be billed at the additional hourly rate.

  •  Only pay for the time that you use
  •  Additional hours are not guaranteed and adding time may not be an option
Example: The customer submits a booking request for only the required minimum of two hours. On moving day it becomes clear that the movers are needed for more than two hours. Because other customers are already scheduled, however, the movers are unable to stay beyond the required two hours.