The customer's work order should be downloaded for every job to be brought on site to be completed, whether a paper copy or via a Mobile App (DocuSign).

Step-By-Step Instructions

1. Once you're logged into the Supplier Portal, click on the Work Orders tab

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2. Select the Work Order number for the customer's Work Order you are trying to download. This will open up the customer's full detail view.

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3. From the full customer detail view, you will click the Work Order button to download the PDF Work Order

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Private Notes

The 'Private Notes' section can be found at the bottom of each customer's work order. You can add and delete notes, but they will only be visible to you and MLC admin. 

Examples of when to use notes:
  • If there are any pre-existing damages on customer's furniture
  • If any damages occur on site
  • If a customer is late or isn't ready
  • If there is a hoarding situation
  • If there are communication issues, etc...
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