If you receive an email indicating that a job was reassigned, it means that we gave the job to another company within our network. The record will still show up in your account as either “Declined” or “Cancelled” and will usually impact your performance scores.

Why would a job be reassigned?

Unable to Accept a Booking Request: if a vendor receives a booking request and informs MLC that they can not accept the job before declining the request. We prefer this route over declining jobs, as it ensures the customer stays with MLC since jobs can not be reassigned once declined.

Customer Requests to be Reassigned: this could happen from a pending booking request, or once a request is already accepted.

There are a number of reasons a customer would request to be reassigned, but if it was from a pending booking request, the reason would most commonly be due to response time. Vendors technically have 24 hours to respond, but the longer they wait to respond, the more likely the customer will withdraw the request, or ask for a different company to service them.

Similarly, if they request it from an already accepted job, it's likely due to communication issues. 

Feel free to contact Vendor Support to answer any additional questions.