Your performance scores provide insight into how you're performing in our marketplace. Every moving company has three scores: Acceptance rate, response rate, and customer rating. Your scores are an important ranking signal in our quality algorithm and influence your ranking in searches. The higher your score, the better your placement in search results on

Response Rate

Your Response Rate is the rate at which you respond to a customer's booking request. With every request, we record how quickly you respond. It will also be visible to prospective customers on your profile. For example,  ABC Movers typically responds within a few hours.

Acceptance Rate

Your Acceptance Rate is a measurement of the number of new requests you receive compared against the number that you accept.

Customer Rating

Your average overall rating based on customers that have submitted a review on

Note: Acceptance and Response rates do not factor events that occurred prior to March 2019. If you see N/A for either score, it is most likely because we haven't collected enough data to calculate your performance scores yet.

Viewing Your Scores

Your performance score summary can be found on your Dashboard. Scores are updated with every new request and customer review.

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You can also see your response rate and customer rating, if one exists, for an individual booking request by viewing the work order details.

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Improving Your Scores

Here are some tips for improving your scores:

  • Respond to new requests as quickly as possible, even if you are unable to accept the request. A timely response helps to maintain a high response rate
  • Accept as many requests as you can. This gives you more customer rating opportunities and will help maintain a high acceptance rate
  • If you are unable to accept a request as-is contact Vendor Support. By providing alternate availability options you may be able to avoid declining the request and negatively impacting your acceptance rate
  • Keep your availability calendar up to date by blocking unavailable dates. This will ensure that you only show up in results for dates that you are available
  • Keep open lines of communication with the customer by following our communication best practices
  • Respond to every customer review. Reviews are visible to the public and movers that respond to reviews are more likely to receive new booking requests
  • If you received a poor review you should contact the customer to discuss the issue. If the issue can be resolved the customer can edit their review, which will help you maintain a high overall customer rating