Congratulations, you've received a new booking request! Now it's time to review the request details and respond. Remember that your response time is very important, and you should respond as quickly as possible.

 Pro Tip: Your response rate and acceptance rate have a big impact on your performance score.

Response Period

You will have 24 hours to respond to the request. If you are unable to respond within the initial 24 hours, the response period may automatically be extended for another 24 hours. You will be notified by email if the response time has been extended.

If you fail to respond to the request within the response period it will expire and the request will be cancelled.

An extension of the response period is not an invitation to take your sweet time...

Your response rate (how quickly you respond) is tracked and recorded. In fact, it's one of our primary metrics of your performance in our marketplace. Your response rate is a factor in our ranking algorithm, so a company with a fast response rate is going to rank higher in customer search results.

Additionally, your response rate will soon be shown to prospective customers on your profile and in search results, Bottom Line: It's important to respond to requests quickly.

Review the Booking Request Details

Before responding to a booking request you should pay close attention to the details. A booking request will become a scheduled reservation immediately upon acceptance by you.

  • Move Date & Arrival Window: Make sure you have availability for the date and time requested. Consult a calendar to be sure
  • # of Movers: Don't just assume the request is for two movers. Pay close attention to what the customer is requesting
  • Customer Information: We give you the customer contact information before you respond to the request. We want you to be able to ask questions about the request or discuss alternate availability before responding
  • Minimum Hours: The customer may proactively schedule as many hours as they choose, so the minimum hours could be higher than the typical 2 or 3 hour minimum
  • Heavy Items: A request may have heavy items. If it does, your service rules will require the customer to select a specific number of movers, pay a fee, or both
  • Hourly Rates: The rates are based on your mover rate settings
  • Additional Fees: If the request includes item(s) that require a fee you will see them listed in the rate breakdown

Can I Give Alternate Availability Instead of Declining?

Yes! We encourage you to contact the customer directly and offer alternate availability if you are unable to accept the booking request as-is. If the customer agrees to the alternate availability:

  • Minor Changes: You can simply accept the request as-is and make the changes manually on the PDF work order
  • Major Changes: Contact Vendor Support at (888) 354-8303 or by email and let us know what needs to be changed

Am I Penalized for Declining A Request?

There are going to be times when declining a request is unavoidable. We understand this, which is why we don't penalize you simply for declining a request. However, a decline does affect your acceptance rate, and a poor acceptance rate can impact your account negatively.

If you receive a request that you cannot accept as-is you should get in touch with the customer directly and offer alternate availability. Customers are often flexible and this course of action may eliminate the need to decline the request.

 If you cannot reach the customer, or if you need assistance with this process, get ahold of Vendor Support.

If your reason for not being able to accept the request as-is was due to your availability or settings (rates, heavy items, distance to the customers location, etc), then you should update your location profile immediately. This will prevent your company from receiving more requests that you may have to decline.

Am I Penalized for Not Responding To A Request?

Yes. There aren't many acceptable reasons for failing to respond to a request. By not responding to a request you will negatively impact both your response and acceptance rate.

Keep In Mind: If you are unable to respond because you are coordinating alternate availability with the customer you should notify Vendor Support.