Approximately 30% of people looking for help on have a heavy item. Your heavy item rules play an important role in this process: They allow us to dynamically update your pricing, require additional movers or filter you out of results.

Items You Can Configure

You can set rules for the movement of the heavy items listed below. You will also be able to set advanced rules for when stairs are involved.

If you specify that you can move an item which requires special equipment, such as a grand piano or gun safe, it is your obligation to provide that equipment.
  • Baby Grand Piano
  • Grand Piano
  • Gun Safe, Safe
    (A "gun safe" typically does not include: Gun Cabinet, Gun Locker, Small Handgun/Pistol Safe, Small Cash Box/Safe)
  • Oversized Upright Piano
  • Standard Upright Piano
  • Unlisted, Over 300 lbs
  • Unlisted, Over 500 lbs
  • Unlisted, Over 800 lbs

View more information about pianos.

Rules You Can Configure

You can set these rules for each item listed above:

Service Availability
  • Not Offered
  • Will Move (no fee)
  • Available for a Fee (your fee amount)

Add a description or additional information. For example, if you are available to move a grand piano but your piano board cannot accommodate a concert grand (the largest grand piano) you would indicate that here.

Available for Same Day Service?

Set to yes or no.

Available for Next Day Service?

Set to yes or no.

Minimum Number of Movers

Select the minimum crew size you will require to move the item.

Maximum Flights of Stairs

 Only available when editing the advanced rules for stairs.

Select the maximum flights of stairs you are willing to move the item.

Next Step

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