Specialty items are a great way to separate your company from the competition. Each specialty item you provide is visible on your public profile and in search results.

Items You Can Configure

1) Additional Insured: If you have an active liability policy attached to your MovingLabor.com account, then you can offer additional insured. By adding another party as additional insured you are extending the coverage of your policy to them. In other words, whomever is named as additional insured receives the same coverage as the policyholder.

Hmm, sounds risky, why would I want to do that? Because, in some major cities, this is a very common request. And companies that provide moving services in these cities would be missing out on a lot of potential customers if they were unable to provide it. In these cities, you can give customers the option of adding the additional insured request to their booking, along with your fee for this service, if you charge for it.

Beginning November 1st, 2020, customers that search in New York City, Chicago, and the Miami/Fort Lauderdale areas are able to filter their search results to only show movers that offer additional insured. So, if you service one of these cities we encourage you to make sure you have a valid insurance policy on file and to configure the additional insured service.

2) Ramp (Intl Container)

Rules You Can Configure

You can set these rules for each item listed above:

Service Availability
  • Not Offered
  • Upon Request (no fee)
  • Available for a Fee (your fee amount)