No matter how hard you try, at some point, you'll receive a bad customer review. Fortunately, our software gives you tools and features that can help you reach a resolution with the customer which, hopefully, will result in a bad review becoming a positive one.

Your customer rating is an important ranking signal in our quality algorithm. Further, your rating, as well as individual customer reviews, are visible to the public. Therefore it's important for you to take steps to try and resolve the issues that led to the bad review.

The Customer Can Edit Their Review

The customer has the ability to edit their review for up to 30 days from the submission date. It's recommended that you contact the customer to discuss the issues they experienced. Whether a resolution is reached or not, the customer may now feel differently about their review and decide to edit it to be more positive.

You Can Publicly Respond

For both positive and negative reviews we encourage you to submit a public response. This is especially important for negative reviews as it allows you to explain your side of the story. If necessary, you will have 7 days to edit your response before it is locked.

Report A Review

If you believe the customer review violates our review guidelines then you can report it for investigation. Keep In Mind: We will only investigate a review that clearly violates our review guidelines. We will not investigate a review just because you disagree with it or don't like it.