We accept many different types of credentials, and this article will give information about each. Existing suppliers are encouraged to submit all applicable credentials to your account. Approved credentials will be reflected on your public profile, informing potential customers of your qualifications.

Background Check

The background check offers both existing suppliers and new applicants a way to showcase their professionalism and authenticity. This is an important deciding factor for many people, and we encourage you to complete the process even when it's not required.

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Business License

As it pertains to moving labor, more often than not a "business license" isn't a license at all, it's a tax you pay to your city, county or state to conduct business there. This type of license is usually referred to as a 'tax receipt', 'privilege license' or 'occupational license'. However, some states, such as Florida, may require you to have an actual professional license.

An Employer Identification Number, issued by the IRS, is not a business license and is not an accepted credential.

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We accept commercial liability insurance (also referred to as 'general liability insurance') and Workers' Compensation.

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Name Registration

This is a formal organization of your company name with your city, county or state. This is often referred to as an 'entity'. Examples include: Corporation, Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), and Doing Business As (DBA).

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