If your company operates multiple locations you might prefer to manage them under a single account. This can be accomplished in on our platform by adding an additional location.

Before you begin: Take a moment to review our requirements for adding a location.

You can add a new location to your account by navigating to your Location Settings and following these steps:

  1. Login to the vendor portal and then navigate to Location Settings
  2. Select the Location dropdown. This will show a list of the locations already linked to your account
  3. At the bottom of this list select Add New Location
  4. Enter the details of the new location. Note: A valid address is required before you can submit the new location for approval
  5. Click Save
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Your new location has been saved and will be reviewed by the MovingLabor.com Vendor Support team. You will be notified if the location has been approved or rejected once a decision has been made.